2018 Job analysis
Welcome words in the New Year!
A new manufacturing workshop with modern equipment for Parker Store high-pressure hose become operational early 2019. We glad to introduce a high-quality product for you now. If you have any questions, please contact us via and office phones 8 (4242) 46-60-98 and 21-0...
Mobilization of equipment for our partners from PetroGazTech
Everything should be perfect.   ...
Yoga Day
The back is numb from work. Yoga is necessary. Our entire team went to specialists (Studio "Lotus") for help. The management made a decision about the need for regular yoga, because yoga has a beneficial effect on the state of mind. ...
Engineer Alexey lovingly watches the mobilization of the deckframe. Soon it will work already on the ship...
Field meeting
Held a field meeting with our Panalpina colleagues. ...
Preparing for mobilization
Preparing equipment for mobilization. ...
Merry revision
It is better to start the New Year with a general audit in stock. The whole team "celebrates". ...
Ellips team
The first meeting in 2018. We are discussing how we spent New Year's holidays and the plan for the year....
Inspection of crane failure on the Berkut offshore platform
The Ellips team inspected crane crash on the world's largest offshore drilling platform Berkut. The task was completed in time. Technique just does not survive where we live....

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