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Want to increase the income of your business? We are ready to assist you. For more than 8 years, Ellips has been confidently increasing revenues of the 30 largest Russian companies.

Looking for reliable suppliers of modern materials and equipment? We are ready to supply your projects with the best ideas from 2000 best manufacturers of well-known brands and their counterparts around the world.

Looking for experienced and reliable partners for your business? Our experts are ready to become part of your team. We will gladly share our experience and knowledge. The "Ellips" company annually implements over 200 projects worth up to 90 million rubles each.

For more than 5 years we have been supplying the business with spare parts, equipment and materials. We have become experts and dealers in many ways. We are trusted by hundreds of domestic and foreign partners.

The most demanding customers will satisfy their requests in the company "Ellips". Our specialists have developed and tested the most effective supply lines around the world.

We are always ready for extraordinary work. Our strength is the rapid and efficient solving complex issues of

  • coordination of international supplies;
  • handling and storage of goods;
  • customs declaring and insurance.

"Attention to detail is the key to trust between partners!" - We focus exclusively on international quality standards.

"Ellips" LLC is always at your service!                                     To know more about us...

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